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Total package

Due to ongoing changes in the regulations and standards, it can be challenging for the aquaculture industry to keep updated with the most relevant and recent requirements.

To help in this regard, Åkerblå AS and Aqualine AS have entered into a collaboration agreement, to create a shorter communication-bridge between those who perform the work and the decision makers. 

This collaboration allows Åkerblå AS and Aqualine AS to offer the aquaculture industry a ‘total package’ where Aqualine AS undertakes a project leadership role, using Åkerblå AS as a subcontractor.  The total package process encompasses ‘from an idea – to installed fish farm with installation / construction certificate’.

There are many steps in this process, some that are more time consuming and some that are not under our control (for example those involving the county administrator or directorate).

Placement / location and design following clients specificationsClient specifies desired location. orientation and designÅkerblå1 week
Bathymetry measurementOlex multibeam measurementsÅkerblå2 weeks
Sediment samplingAt the anchor pointsÅkerblå0-2 weeks
MOM-B0-samplingÅkerblå0-2 weeks
MOM-C (only sampling)Accredited serviceÅkerblå0-2 weeks
Current measurements at 5 og 15mPoint measurementsÅkerblå 40 days or 1-year measurements
BølgeberegningUtføres vha SWAN-modelleringÅkerblå0-2 weeks
Wave calculationsPerformed using SWAN modelÅkerblå0-2 weeks
Wave measurements (optional)Performed using an AWAC-doppler instrument. forex: 1-year measurementsÅkerblå2-12 mnd
Support client with new site applicationIncluding also expansion of or changes to existing sitesÅkerblå0-2 weeks
Approval from county administrator – Directorate etc.Authority22-? weeks
Site surveyAccredited serviceÅkerblå0-2 weeks
Mooring analysisAccredited serviceAQL1 week
Mooring analysis – extendedSite with over 1 million fishÅkerblå1 week
Mooring design recommendationComponent list and quoteAQL2 days
Sale of mooring components*Not bound to purchase from AQL**AQL2 weeks
Evaluation of the installed constructionControlled by use of a mooring analysisAQL1 week
Buy / sale of equipmentNet cage / net etc. Not required / bound to buy equipment – only an offer / quotationAQL-
Organization of documentationAll documentation in relation to the installation certificate preparedAQL2 days
Installation / construction certificateFinal control and approval Åkerblå1-2 weeks

*Laying of- and ROV inspection of moorings
**Ordered by the client through own client / provider contract. however the documentation / communication in conducted directly between Åkerblå /AQL (and not via the client).

Prosesser som avhenger av forhold utenfor avtalens omfang. eks myndighets behandlingstid og resultater. Utleggerselskapets leveringstid og kostnad mm.

Client’s direct benefits with the ‘total package’

  • Documented communication and updates during the entire project
  • Faster process from start to finish for the client
  • Prioritization of clients who chose the total package
  • Faster handling time
  • Established communication channels between the service providers
  • Better document control
  • Quicker certification process

Main contact «Total package»

Aqualine AS Håkon Tønne +47 940 13 338

Åkerblå Geir Håvard Espnes +47 951 81 525