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Mooring analysis

A mooring analysis is a mathematical calculation / modelling of the desired mooring in order to determine the environmental loads the moorings are exposed to. Mooring analyses in Åkerblå are performed using the model AquaSim.

The mooring components are prescribed the relevant material properties whereafter AquaSim calculates the environmental loading on the installation based on the current, wave and wind conditions described in the site survey.

A mooring analysis evaluates, amongst other things, the break load / break point of the mooring lines, fatigue time / lifetime of the chain components and the holding power of the rock bolts and anchors.  The Norwegian Standard NS9415 specifies the load combinations, return periods, material factors and safety factors / safety margins to be used.

The mooring configuration is designed and drawn in 3D in AquaSim.

Clients receive a detailed and easy-to-understand report, including a summary of the calculations performed.  The results of the analysis are used to determine the required mooring components able to withstand the environmental loads at the chosen site.  Installation of the structure can start once the individual mooring components are selected.

Åkerblå performs analyses / load calculations for all types of moorings and fish-farm structures, feeding floats, quays and small boat harbours.