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Construction certificate

An installation or construction certificate is a confirmation from an accredited body that a floating aquaculture installation is of the required technical operational standard.

The certificate is awarded with 5-years validity.

The Nytek-regulations state that the certificate shall contribute to the prevention of escape of fish from the floating fish-farms through ensuring the proper technical standard of the installation.  The requirements apply to all who operate within the fish-farming industry using floating installations in Norway.  The requirements also apply to the installation’s main components, mooring components and extra components. The definition of these concepts is given in the Nytek-regulations.

Mære i tåke

An installation / construction certificate can be considered a form of audit that includes a documentation review of all required documentation for the installation, a physical inspection of the installation, a report summarizing any findings – that require corrective action, issuing of the certificate and reporting in to the Fisheries Directorate.

When the required technical standards for the installation have been inspected and approved, the certificate is issued and sent to the client.  The certificate can describe both the current installation configuration or the possible future configuration – required before changes to the installation can be made without the need for re-issuing the certificate.  The installation configuration is described with regard to the moorings, raft, floating collar, nets and extra equipment.

The installation certificate must be reviewed and possibly updated if changes not described in the current installation certificate’s “future configuration” are made.  The new / changed part of the installation may not be used before a new installation certificate is issued.

The minimum required documentation for the issuing of an installation / construction certificate is:

  • Site survey
  • Mooring analysis
  • Chart or map of the moorings
  • List of the mooring components
  • Mooring report after installation
  • Mooring inspection (ROV inspection or similar)
  • Product certificate for the main components
  • User handbook for main components and extra equipment.

Åkerblå also performs other types of inspections within other private and government sectors.