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Shoreline surveys

Shoreline surveys monitor environmental impact in the littoral zone. These surveys examine the possible effects of aquaculture discharges to the ocean.

The survey is typically conducted together with other types of analysis such as CTD-measurements, water sampling and sediment sampling.


The shoreline surveys focus on the algal community in the littoral- and sublittoral zone. These surveys describe the environmental condition through analysis of the biodiversity in mainly two areas, one area close to the discharge point and a remote zone. By repeated examination of the same parameters at the same positions, it may be possible to detect changes over time (e.g. eutrophication).


A survey of garbage in the coastal zone may be appropriate when suspicions arise with regard to waste from one or more businesses operating close to the shoreline. Since plastic and other floating material often ends up on the shore, a garbage examination of the shoreline provides information about the discharges in the area.