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Fish health

Hygiene Inspections

Proper hygiene and cleaning is crucial to avoid the spread of diseases. Åkerblå performs inspection of well boats, service boats, fleets and other relevant objects where hygiene certificates are needed, on request.

National laws and client internal controls demand documented inspections to be performed by authorized fish health personnel for vessels involved in fish farming. Quarantine and docking shall also be inspected and likewise documented.

Hygiene inspection is based upon on site review of documentation supplied by the client, visual controls and objective measures (microbiological testing).

Contact information and availability

Telephone all departments: +47 991 17 300
Press 1 (Frøya) 2 (Kristiansund) 3 (Molde) 4 (Ålesund)

Direct numbers

  • Frøya: +47 908 10 202
  • Kristiansund: +47 911 42 440
  • Molde: +47 904 19 270
  • Ålesund: +47 905 35 807

If we do not answer, we will call back as soon as possible. Please do not send SMS for ordering an inspection


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