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Knowledge provides security and satisfaction. We ensure increased effectivity and adherence to good routines through providing employees with necessary training.

Fish welfare training

By law (the Norwegian aquaculture regulations), all personnel handling live farmed fish must undergo fish welfare training. All fish welfare training courses need to be approved by the Norwegian food safety authority. Åkerblå has developed a fish welfare course that is approved by the Norwegian food safety authority that can be held at the client’s offices or clients can attend our open courses.

Training in chemicals- and medication handling

The handling of chemicals and medications are strictly regulated by law. An employer is obliged to offer training for all employees exposed to hazardous chemicals. This is to ensure the safe handling of these chemicals and medications.

Hygiene training

Good hygiene and good routines when handling fish is a prerequisite to reduce the spreading of infections, for example, several laws regulate the routines for the washing of fish and fish disinfection.

Tailor made training programs

In addition to our standard training programs, we also adjust our courses according to the customer’s specific requirements. This is due to the fact that the need for and range of training required can vary significantly.

Lice Certificate

Theoretical halfday-course with in-field practical test.

Autopsy of Broodstock

The course deals with general regulations regarding broodstock, biosafety, current diseases of broodstock. As well as a practical review of autopsy and sampling of broodstock.